Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Veterans Day Parade

Last week I walked over to the Veterans Day parade, which runs down 2nd Street through downtown Memphis. This lovely exhibition, consisting mainly of high school bands and ROTC units, brings back lots of memories for me. See, I was a band nerd of the highest order, and marched in this very same parade many times. One year it was so cold, my metal mouthpiece actually stuck to my face when I tried to play.

Ok, I know that I may have just ruined the dead-sexy image you all have of me. I just felt it was time to let the truth out. I played tuba in band. There, I said it. To make matters worse, I actually took tuba pretty seriously. I was damn good.

Anyway, on to the pics:


Anonymous said...

Tuba players are hot - and strong - those things are heavy.

Stephanie said...

You can just go ahead and sign your real name, Cathy- this "Sophie" business isn't fooling anyone.

Memphisotan said...

I never feel qualified to comment directly on the pictures because for all I know SLR stands for Some Lighting Required, but Chip, your portrait work is really fantastic.