Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pumpkin Portraits Part 6

The Chockleys definitely love traditions.  The yearly trips to 30A, the ravioli making at the Alleys', the sausage balls on Christmas morning. Rituals keep us grounded, and allow us to feel secure in who we are.

Or maybe we're just boring.

So back to the same ol' pumpkin patch up the street for October portraits of the kids.  To see the progression from munchkin to ...whatever these large humans are now... see here and here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Blues

Halloween weekend was spent getting candy, by any means necessary. (Any means other than taking all the entrance fees we paid at various places and using it to buy candy at the store. That would have been too easy.) We hit Zoo Boo, visited the pumpkin patch, crashed a friend's neighborhood trunk or treat party, and then trunked or treated again at a nearby church. Sounds like fun, right? Not so fast.

Chloe's favorite holiday is Halloween. She complains that I don't decorate the house enough. She has a mental inventory of every decorated house in the neighborhood. She's had this costume planned for a year!

But Sunday night, her energy level started to wane. She picked at her dinner and fell asleep early. Then early Monday morning, she woke up early to go to the bathroom. I thought it was just excitement and too much candy. But a million trips to the bathroom later, we realized she had a stomach bug. She still insisted on getting dressed in her costume and going to the best-decorated house in the neighborhood Monday night, even though she couldn't actually eat any candy she might collect. My poor girl!

Connor gave me a REALLY hard time about skipping the Nerf War Sunday afternoon. No worries- there were Nerf Guns at our friendly neighborhood church party! Just like they shot back in the Old West.

Connor just doesn't really care about Halloween, so on Monday night he stayed home while Chloe put on her costume and ventured out. He managed to amass plenty of candy over the weekend though, so I think he'll be alright. He just has no enthusiasm for this holiday.

Yes, we gave her plenty of treats for being a good sport. I think she agrees with Connor that staying home with no costume on is a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

All in all, we had a fun weekend but the actual day of Halloween turned out to be a real dud for us. I do hope yours was as much fun as your Facebook pictures suggest it was. But now? Bring on Thanksgiving!