Wednesday, November 07, 2007

McManis Petit Sirah

I've decided that there is no way I can say I completed NaBloPoMo successfully if I don't do a post a day myself- even on days when Chip puts something on the blog. It just messes with my sense of order. So on days when he displays fabulous pictures, I'll do a wine review or something.

(Speaking of fabulous pictures, Cathy is rocking my world this week!)

We tried many fancy, expensive wines at the tasting last Friday, but those aren't the kind we're going to end up drinking on a regular basis. We did try one nice, everyday wine that will definitely enter our regular rotation. (In fact, there's a bottle in the wine fridge already!)

McManis Petit Sirah

The 2006 Petite Sirah is deep purple in color with a bright hue. The nose is of jammy Boysenberry intertwined with Creme brulee and a subtle smokiness. Dense ripe fruit flavors are abundant. The finish is long and succulent. (From the company website)
Ratings: some low 90s, mostly upper 80s.

This wine is about $11 and is a real treat for that price. In addition to the prominent fruit, it is also a bit oaky but still well-balanced. We always forget to buy Petit Sirah, so it is a nice change for us. It gets two thumbs up from the ChockleyBlogs.

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