Thursday, August 24, 2006


Chloe has been growing up fast during the month of August.

She can sit on her own now for short periods of time. It's pretty funny to watch her slowly tip over. She really wants to sit up, though. If we put her in a seat that is reclining, she pulls herself upright.

She was having a growth spurt a couple of weekends ago, so we decided to give her some cereal. She was happy with that decision! She doesn't eat solid food every day yet. I just can't figure out how to work it into our routine. I figure I've got a little more time to figure it out, since she usually gets plenty full on formula. In fact, at five months she weighed 18 lbs 2oz. Impressive!

She was at the doctor being weighed at five months because she had her first illness- a cold with a fever. It didn't develop into an ear infection, but still made for a pretty rough week. Two weeks, actually, considering Connor and I have her cold this week. Neither of us developed a fever, and so far Chip is avoiding it. I'd knock on wood, but he already mentioned he has a headache today so I'm guessing it's too late!

(I didn't take any pictures of her while she was sick, so I put a happy picture with that paragraph instead!)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Little Beavis

Connor was in the middle of the room, leaping from an ottoman onto his Elmo couch. All eyes were on this spectacle.

"Hey Mom! Watch me!"
"Connor, I can't help but."

Connor gave me a puzzled look. Suddenly a smile lit up his face, and he turned excitedly to his dad.

"She said butt!"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy 60th, Grammy!

Grammy turned 60 on Sunday, August 6. One way we celebrated was by having a party for her!

Connor was beside himself waiting for the party to start. He helped greet guests as they arrived, and was on his best behavior the whole night. He was really proud of his "party clothes" (he had on pants instead of shorts!) but was most excited about helping Grammy open presents.

Chloe was also well-behaved, even letting people other than Mommy hold her as necessary. She batted her big blues eyes and smiled patiently until it was time to get out of her party dress and into bed.

All in all, it was a fun night. Here's to another 60 years!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Love them cars

(That pic has nothing to do with this post. It's just really cute.)

Connor has taken to identifying cars while we're on the road.

"Daddy-- what's that car in front of us?"
"Umm, that's a Chevrolet Cavalier."
"Ohhhh... I LIKE Chevotay Cabaliers!"
"Umm... I don't. One of the worst cars known to man."
"Ohhhh... well, I LIKE Chevotay Cabaliers."

Or his favorite:
"Hey look, Daddy, that car matches Mommy's car! That's a Honda REcord!"
"That's right, Connor-- a Honda ACcord."
"That's what I said, Honda REcord."