Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Frog and Toad and Sweat

Three firsts today for Connor-- his first field trip, which involved his first bus ride and his first play. Even though some parents transported their kids to the Circuit Playhouse by car (fear of buses?) I specifically did not, because I wanted Connor to experience a school bus ride. You know, all the screaming, the paper airplane throwing, the wanton lawlessness of kids on hard benches with absolutely no semblance of safety restraints. I'm happy to say that these days, the kids actually sit in their car seats on those hard benches. After a bit of initial tearful fear of the unknown, I understand that Connor enjoyed his bus ride quite a bit.

When his bus arrived, he was amazed to see my car already there, even though I told him a million times in the past few days that I was going to meet him there.

We saw "A Year With Frog and Toad," a musical, which was actually very entertaining. Connor was fascinated most by the props and the sweat on the actors, among other things. He also imitated the odd accents of the actors, loudly and inappropriately, which greatly amused his classmates. The play ran almost an hour and a half, which definitely stretched the limits of the 4-year-old attention span.

After the play, the actors came out to answer questions from the kids. The first was, "How come y'all sing so much?" which is a question I often ponder when I watch a musical.

I'm always glad to get my kids all cultured up.

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Anonymous said...

So cute, I laughed out loud. Don''t you just love the honesty that the little ones so willingly share. So glad Connor liked the bus. We should swap stories and tips sometime. Grayson and Connor sound a lot alike. By the way, Grayson's middle name is Connor and we spell it the same way :)