Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Mother's Dream

Chloe. You know we love you. I love you for you silly, creative spirit. Your dad loves how charming you are, even when you are ignoring him. Connor loves how he looks through your adoring eyes. And Grammy loves you for fulfilling one of her greatest wishes, one she's been hoping for almost 36 years now. "I hope someday you grow up and have a daughter who talks as much as you do!"

Chloe, you are a talker. I know that you get it from me. Family lore tells these tales of my childhood:
You only shut up when you were asleep!
Your grandmother always said that you were so full of hot air, if you closed your mouth for very long you'd fart yourself to death!
As many times as I've heard these legends, Chloe, I was still unprepared for the level of skill you have displayed. Like Dizzy Gillespie, it seems you've used the size of your cheeks to perfect your circular breathing technique. Only instead of becoming a talented jazz musician, you've become a non-stop talker. It's impressive! And exhausting.

So here's the thing, child. I need you to shut up. Not permanently, but just for a minute, just long enough for someone else to finish a sentence, long enough for us to direct our attention to any other person in the world, even long enough for me to begin to answer any of the thousand questions you throw my way in the course of one of your monologues. And don't tell me that I should cherish this time with you as a child, that someday you'll grow up and never talk to me and I'll wish I had paid more attention to your babytalk. Because I know you'll grow up, but you'll never stop talking- even if it's only to complain or tell me how stupid I am. And as far as cherishing this time goes? Well, I've got a memory bank full of things you've said. Now it's time for me to capture some memories of your serene face as you concentrate quietly on your favorite toy, or of your smiling face as you play silently with Clark. Please.

It's up to you, Chloe. Only you can grant my wish for a moment of silence. Or you can choose to talk my ear off from the minute your feet hit your bedroom floor in the morning to the time of night when I walk out of your bedroom, mid-sentence, to let you talk yourself to sleep. I assume you'll choose the latter. But chances are good that someday you will grow up and have a daughter who runs her mouth as much as you do. So someday, somewhere, I'll get the last laugh. Right, Mom?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Chloe has high-maintenance hair. She inherited this affliction from me. I can't wash-n-go like so many people out there- I have to put some effort into it. Same with Chloe. The problem for her is, she refuses any and all effort so she just looks like a ragamuffin most of the time. Seriously, if I can hold her down and ignore her sobs long enough to brush her hair, within half an hour she looks like she has never been in the same room with a hairbrush. And forget about any hair accessories to hold back the mess- they are pulled out within five minutes.

Because she and her hair can't be tamed, we've tried to keep it cut short and out of her eyes, requiring as little handling as possible. But when the time came for her most recent haircut, she refused.

"I want to grow long hair. I want a ponytail like K's!"

So wow- my three-year-old already covets a classmate's hair. Once the next 20 years of my life finished flashing before my eyes, I refocused on the task at hand- negotiating a hair settlement we could both live with. I told Chloe that the only way she could let her hair grow was if she let me brush it regularly and put something in it to hold back her bangs. She considered this proposal, and then agreed.

Since that time, she has occasionally deigned to wear a barrette. She refuses a headband, and the hair is not long enough for a ponytail. And of course, every time I brush it, she screams and cries as if I am beating her with the brush rather than using it for its stated purpose. As a result, she has spent the last several months looking something like this:

Friday morning, as I held her down and brushed through one little tiny tangle, Chloe screamed and cried and pushed me away.

"My hair is bothering me, Mommy!"

I pounced on this revelation. I asked if she would like to get it cut so it wouldn't hang in her eyes anymore. She confessed that yes, she wanted her bangs back, and wondered if I could call Miss Jennifer as soon as possible. So I did (but not before taunting her with singing a few bars of "Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory today is mi-i-ine!") So finally, I'm back to wrestling just my own hair and not worrying anymore about Chloe's. For now.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Dinner

Aunt Carrie was in town this week, and was able to come by for dinner on Wednesday. Of course, cousin Harper wanted to come meet her, and Tiffany wanted to see Carrie and meet Harper, so before you know it we were adding a leaf to the dining room table.

I threw together something quick and easy, and Mom threw together this gorgeous pie. I don't even like blueberries and I still had a piece.

My kids woke up Thursday with an Aunt Carrie hangover, pissed to see they were stuck with me and Chip rather than someone awesome like Carrie. Although they were slightly comforted by an upcoming swim date with Cullen, the hangover lingered, and Chloe woke up Friday morning with a groggy request to go visit Shannon and Carrie. I'm thinking Spring Break in A2 might not be a bad idea.

Yes, Harper, you can come too!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Face

It never gets old. This is the face that Steph makes every time she opens a bottle of wine:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kentucky Corn Whiskey

This past Saturday, we threw a "stock the bar" wedding shower for Mark and Tiffany at our house.  Well, I say we, and I mean Steph and Cathy.  They did an excellent job conjuring up a tasty smorgasbord of delicacies (which we'll do a separate post about).  Mark and Tiff got a boatload of Riedel glasses, lots of good wines, etc.  The hit of the party, though, was the gift from Stephen-- a pint of Mellow Corn Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey.  (Tiff has Kentucky roots, ya see.)  This stuff looked so irresistible-- or rather our guts were so in need of rotting-- that we decided to swig-n-pass the pint around the whole party.  And it didn't happen unless I photographed it...

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birthday Bowling

Since we were at the beach on Connor's birthday this year, we arranged a small post-birthday bowling shindig for him. He invited his two best buds-- Ayden and Max.  Not sure I see the PBA in their future, since PBA rules require that you wait until the pinsetter come UP before you bowl your second ball.


Monday, July 13, 2009


This weekend, Connor hosted his first sleepover. We started the night with some fast food and a toast to yet another "first."
The sleepover wasn't planned ahead of time, but happened spontaneously after the Rock N Romp. If we'd had time to prepare, I might have prepped Connor on some of the finer points of hosting a guest. But overall he did a good job, especially in the "sassing my parents to show off for Ayden" category. (Sigh) The boys had a great time, playing XBox and discovering toys Connor had forgotten he even had. They didn't stay up too late, and didn't do any fighting, and they weren't too cruel to the little sister.
Now that Connor sees how much fun a sleepover is, he's ready to do it again- this time at your house. So whenever you're ready to host him, let me know! I'll be happy to let you have him for a night. Or two.

Rock-n-Romp at the Levitt Shell

Read all about our big Rock-n-Romp at the Levitt Shell over here.  This was one of our biggest shows ever, and a great time was had by all.  Our shows have now officially become so big that I can't get around to saying "hello" to people I consider to be good friends.  Thanks, everyone for braving the heat!

Some pics:

See the whole set here.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wearin' White on the Beach

One night during our recent vacation, we decided it was time for the "White Shirts on the Beach" family portrait session. We went to dinner first, and only Mimi and Chloe had the good sense to wear something normal and change into their white clothes later. While most of us did okay, you should know that Connor's shirt has been significantly photoshopped in these pictures.

After our dinner at the Old Florida Fish House, where Chip and I rudely left the table to watch the NBA draft at the bar, we headed to the beaches of Seaside to capture our portraits in just the right light. We were shocked, SHOCKED to find that at least 15 other families had the exact same idea for their next-to-last night on 30-A. It was hilarious. We all could have mixed and matched families, except for this one family who had the idea to wear navy blue. Hmphf. They must have been from up north somewhere.

Chloe ended up stealing the show in our portrait sessions. Every third picture was of her, and (almost) all of them gorgeous. It's probably because she allowed us to pull her hair out of her eyes, but also possibly because she is breathtakingly gorgeous. Overall it was a great group of pictures. I hope the other hundred people on the beach in white shirts had the same outcome we did.
See the whole set here.

Window Shopping