Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Only the beginning

Connor doesn't mean to smother Chloe when he greets her with a hug, or blind her when he pokes her in the eye, or wake her up when he screams in her face- he just wants to interact with her, and doesn't know how. So I couldn't be mad when he wrote all over her face and clothes- it was just a coincidence that he had a marker in his hand when he leaned in to kiss her!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back in action

Thanks to everyone who called or emailed to let me know you were thinking about me on Thursday. I think I did alright, although I left work early both days! But I stayed later on Friday than on Thursday, and actually felt like I was back in the thick of things by the time I left for the weekend. Fortunately, I like my job and the people I work for/with- that helps a lot! I think I will have a bit of a setback on Tuesday, when Chloe starts at her daycare and Connor starts in the Koala Room. (I've said this before, but the one-year-olds are Unicorns, the two-year-olds are Toucans- did they just give up when they got to the three-year-olds? No Triceratops Room, not even a word that starts with "t"- just Koala?) Anyway, I imagine I'll arrive at work that day in tears (which I did not do on Thursday or Friday) and then run out soon after lunch to rescue my children from the confines of their new classrooms. Classrooms that I'm certain they'll enjoy, but it will take me some time to be convinced of that!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Less than a week. . .

I can't believe that this time next week I'll be at work! I am trying not to panic.

The appointment with the cardiologist went fine- it hasn't gotten better, but it also hasn't gotten worse, which is what really matters. We go back again in six months.

We had an orientation meeting at Chloe's school yesterday. It seems like a nice enough place, and the teachers in her room have been there for about 10 years each, so I feel as good about it as I can.

There are still two lottery drawings before my first day back at work- keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Two Month Progress Report

I can't believe my baby is already two months old! She has certainly grown and changed a lot in that time. My heart is broken that I have to go back to work next Thursday, but so far I'm keeping it together. My friend Kerry is going to keep Chloe for the first couple of days, then she starts daycare on May 30. (That happens to be the same day Connor moves up to the three-year-old room, so expect the "keeping it together" to end that day!) This week we will go for an orientation meeting at her school, which is at Union Avenue Baptist Church. I'm nervous and excited at the same time! Unfortunately Idlewild, where Connor goes, doesn't take children until they are a year old, but I will move her over there when the time comes.

Our other excitement this week is two doctor's appointments. On Wednesday she goes to her cardiologist, Dr. Vijaya Joshi. (I had to include his first name for you Grey's Anatomy fans.) This morning we went to her pediatrician for her two-month check-up. Apparently, she's perfect! (Well, other than the hole in her heart, but we won't dwell on that. . .) She is 24 inches long and weighs 13 lbs, 12 oz. And yes, that is above the 95th percentile in both categories. Yowza! I got me a big girl! She got four shots, which pissed her off but good! I didn't cry over it like I did with Connor (Is that a recurring theme or what?), but I still feel pretty bad for her. She is sleeping it off right now, which is why I'm able to type this much in the middle of the day!

Here are some answers to other frequently asked questions:
After about six weeks of being sick and often on antibiotics, I've felt great for the last couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone for your concern!
Chloe usually sleeps from about 9-3, then wakes up just long enough to eat and go back to bed- usually not more than 20 minutes- then she sleeps until about 6:30. Chip and I alternate nights when we get up with her, so this schedule doesn't bother us.
She loves to have someone right in her face talking/singing/interacting with her. She will stay focused for a long time- last night we played like that for about 45 minutes straight! She smiles and coos and talks, and sticks her tongue out in response to mine. It melts my heart- I could stare at her all day long!
Her personality reminds me of Chip at this point. She is really laid back, and usually pretty quiet. I think she will end up being a big talker like me, though, if for no other reason than that she will have to compete with Connor.
Other fun facts: she loves the fancy swing we borrowed from Kerry and Grace, she still loves her purple chair, she doesn't love the car, the back of her head is comically flat, her eyes seem to be staying blue, and her hair is darker than Connor's was. And did I mention that she's perfect?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. It started Saturday morning, when I convinced the boys to put on matching outfits. Well, Connor didn't take much convincing. He thought it was pretty cool! I knew he would, which is why I bought him this outfit. Plus I wanted to be able to take this picture!

That afternoon Chip's parents came to town, much to Connor's delight. Roy and I went to a wine tasting around 2:00, where we got to meet Dan Philips, and then we had a nice bottle of Mr. Philips' wine for dinner.

On Sunday I went to church with Mom while the boys (Roy, Chip, and Connor) cooked lunch. We enjoyed a wonderful feast, and I didn't have to cook or clean one bit! After lunch Connor hung out with the mamas while the daddies straightened up. This led to the proclamation, "You girls are fun!" You got that right, son!

Oh, and what was Chloe doing while we were enjoying this feast? The same thing she did most of Sunday:

But enough about food and drink- you want to know what kind of loot I hauled in! This story starts on Wednesday, when Connor and I saw a JC Penny's commercial about Mother's Day gifts. I figured it was time for me to start hyping Mother's Day and let him know that I expected lots of hugs and kisses come Sunday. Connor saw a necklace on the commercial and said, "I want to give you a diamond necklace!" I like how this kid thinks! "That's a great idea Connor- you should definitely let Daddy know. . ." Hee hee. Connor runs through the house screaming, "Daddy! I want to give Mommy a diamond necklace!" Suddenly I hear Chip speaking to him in hushed tones, "Connor, we talked about this and we don't give Mommy her present until Mother's Day, which is a few days away." My heart skipped a beat- a diamond necklace! Sweet!- but I almost immediately remembered that Tuesday was "Necklaces for Mommy" day on Connor's school schedule. He spent the rest of the week telling me, "I made you a diamond necklace, Mommy, but Daddy won't let me give it to you." I couldn't wait until Sunday when I finally got to open a beautiful, painted noodle necklace with four clear beads right in the middle- my diamonds. I wore it all day, even when we went outside to play frisbee. But the best gift I got was lots of hugs and kisses from my two most valuable jewels. I love being their mother!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Do All My Own Stunts

At school, Connor loves to run full speed towards the double doors at the end of the hall, and then hit them and fall backwards. Other moms always look at him in amazement and make comments like, "Someday he'll be one of those basketball players who pretends to get fouled." My son, the next Manu Ginobili? No thanks! I have higher goals for him, and decided he needed to dress the part. So last week, when one of the other moms was standing over him at the end of the hallway, fretting over whether he had hurt himself trying to run through the closed doors, Chip said, "He's fine- just read his shirt!"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Girl

Chloe has suddenly started smiling and interacting a great deal. We have lots of fun sticking our tongues out at each other! She is also starting to tolerate her brother's "affection," which makes him very happy. (She used to just cry whenever he got in her face to say hi or tried to hug/smother her! He took it very personally.) She is also cooing rather than just grunting. Is there a sweeter sound in the world?