Saturday, November 10, 2007

Uh Oh

I just realized that I'm about leave the house, not to return until possibly after midnight tonight. So when, exactly, am I supposed to write an entertaining blog post?

In the next couple of days, I'll have lots of stories to tell: about making the Zanone Family Ravioli, about Cullen's 30th birthday, and about hanging out with Uncle Shannon. Today, however, I've got nothing good.

An addendum to yesterday's post: this morning at Target, Connor proved himself to be even more materialistic than his sister. I have never experienced such a frenzied buying experience. He wanted EVERYTHING he saw, and that was just in the clothes department! Chloe threw a few "mine"s in there as well, but Connor made her look positively tame.

We were at Target because we woke up today in 46 degree weather and realized that the shorts both of my children were wearing would not suffice. I could have sworn I had bought at least 7 pairs of long pants for each of them this fall! Thank goodness for that magical table at Target that has pants for $4.88 and shirts for $3.48. If not my kids would be naked. (And before you tell me we should just wash clothes more often, stop and ask yourself when, exactly, we have time to wash clothes more often.)

Be back tomorrow with tales of fun and adventure!

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