Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Children

It was the best of times with Connor. He was an absolute angel for the entire trip. He did whatever was asked of him, from wait too long for lunch, to run errands, to eat breakfast with people he didn't really know (even though he had been told he could watch cartoons).

I couldn't have asked for a better travel companion. His chances of going to Disney World just went up dramatically- I can't wait to take another vacation with him!

Connor quotes of the week:
"You know, I'm really not in the mood to hear that right now."
-a tired Connor, responding to something Grammy had said
"I know. You tell me that every time I see you!"
-a sarcastic Connor, reacting to yet another reminder that Carrie teaches kindergarten
"I've always dreamed of doing that!"
-an elated Connor, after swimming underwater for several feet

It was the worst of times with Chloe. She was overwhelmed by all the new people, places, and situations, and responded with a permanent snarl. Mimi was the only person allowed to make eye contact or otherwise communicate with Her Highness during the course of the trip. Fortunately, her bad attitude didn't cause her to be disruptive- just grumpy. Although I missed seeing her smile and receiving hugs and kisses, it wasn't so bad when she repeatedly requested that Mimi take her to the bathroom.

Chloe quotes of the week:
"This. . . is aMERican Igol!"
-after opening her American Idol-themed Happy Meal
"I have to poop!"
-the first thing out of her mouth when she finally saw Uncle Shannon


Stephanie said...

That was posted by me, not Chip.

Cullen said...

Her comment upon seeing Shannon is perfect, b/c he was probably thinking the same thing.

Stacey Greenberg said...

man i love the contrast in those photos! ha!

Anonymous said...

Connor was adorable. He was such an angel. I spent some QT with him when he and Shannon picked Carrie and me up from Hillary's house. We were cracking up in the backseat. He's awesome. :)