Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today was Chloe's turn to cry when I left her at school, only it was for the exact opposite reason as Connor. When it's early enough that not many kids have arrived yet (most get in around 8:20), the one- and two-year-olds gather in one room. This morning they were gathered in the Unicorn Room, the room Chloe just left behind. And boy was she pissed.

"No! New room. NEW ROOOOM!!" she cried.

I just laughed and took Connor to his new classroom, which he reluctantly entered after several tearful goodbye hugs and kisses.


As Chip and I sat leisurely finishing our dinner, Connor came slinking into the kitchen in full whiner mode.

"Mo-o-om! Chlow-ee just bit my finge-e-er!"

"And what was your finger doing near her mouth?" I countered.

Connor looked at me for a minute and managed to stammer out an "Uuuuh" before giving up, turning on his heel and leaving the room. I couldn't help but holler out "OWNED!" as Chip high-fived me. Then we both turned back to our dinners, just a little bit more satisfied with our parenting skills than we had been when the meal started.

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