Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Rough Transition

Today was the day that my kids started in new classrooms at school. Chloe became a "Toucan," and Connor moved off of the preschool hall and into the almost-in-kindergarten classroom of Idlewild's Summer Camp program. The morning got off to a great start as I deposited Chloe in her new classroom. She gave me a perfunctory hug and went about her business as if today was any other day.

Then I walked Connor down to the gym, where all the summer camp kids were starting the day. After four years of 1-4 year-olds, it was shocking to see elementary kids of all ages. Not shocking to me, of course, but shocking to my sensitive little boy. He has always been scared of "big kids," and today was no different. He reached for me to pick him up, and I did, carrying him around the gym and pointing out all the familiar basketballs and people. After we located kids he felt comfortable with, I sent him off to play with a hug and a kiss. He seemed okay, and I hoped that the rest of the day went more smoothly than the drop-off.

When he arrived home, he immediately climbed into my arms (to the point that most of this story takes place with him sitting in my lap in the middle of the kitchen floor) and began to tell me the sad tale of his day. "I forgot my blanket!" he said of his Happi-Nappi, the sleeping bag-type object that has been required for naptime since the Unicorn Room. (I didn't realize it was required for Summer Camp, so that one was my fault.) "And I cried about you today. I was scared about my new classroom one time and wanted you to come get me two times. I cried three times!" I assured him that we would remember his Happi-Nappi tomorrow. "But I didn't cry about nap time! I cried about you!"

I felt bad for him- not only because transitions are so hard for him, but because he has another one coming up in less than three months, when he starts kindergarten. And I felt bad for myself, too. As much as I hate to admit it, I cry at least once a week after dropping the kids off at school. And with such a delicate kid leading the way, each new school situation is just as tough for me as it is for him. I am pretty much in denial about kindergarten, which works out okay because he is too. Hopefully he will quit crying about his new classroom with plenty of time to spare before we have to deal with the reality of a whole new school. I'm afraid it might be just enough trauma to send us both to therapy.


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Oh, poor Connor. I feel for the little dude. I'm having anxiety over Charlie starting his new summer camp on Monday. Because he's Charlie, he'll probably be fine. But I'm stressing over it enough for the both of us!