Friday, May 09, 2008

Thirty-six Things I Love About My 36-Year-Old Husband

1. Has awesome floppy hair
2. Was a total rock star back in the day
3. Cleans up after dinner
4. Likes shoes
5. Has amazing patience when teaching kids to read
6. Likes the same TV shows I do
7. Can build computers
8. Is a great songwriter
9. Fixes breakfast every day
10. Has a great relationship with his family
11. Can dress Chloe in matching outfits without help from me
12. Taught me how to go with the flow and be less uptight
13. Loves my mom and brother like they are his own
14. Does the laundry on Sundays
15. Doesn’t complain when I make diet food for dinner
16. Mows the grass
17. Earns more money than I do
18. Doesn’t hold that against me
19. Drives everywhere we go
20. Doesn’t bat an eyelash when I give the kids croutons for an afternoon snack
21. Is pigeon-toed (it’s so cute!)
22. Has really become a great photographer
23. Is a comic book geek, and proud of it
24. Looks amazing in a suit
25. Keeps his Amazon wish list up to date
26. Loves to drink wine
27. Shows me the utmost respect at all times
28. Introduced me to lots of great music
29. Always gets up with the kids on Saturdays so that I can sleep in
30. Acts interested in my work, even though it’s not that interesting
31. Tells me he’s proud of me
32. Has given me tons of self-confidence through the years
33. The salt-and-pepper hair is super-sexy
34. Has the respect of everyone who knows him
35. Loves me!
36. Doesn't look a day over twenty-two. Happy birthday, baby!


Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

Aw, so sweet. Happy birthday Chip!

Shannon said...

happy birthday, chip!

An said...

makes a sound halfway between a frog and a chicken when he finds something funny.....

Memphisotan said...

Happy happy to you!

Stacey Greenberg said...

great list! hb, c.

Phillip said...

Happy b-day Chip!

Anonymous said...

wow. what a great husband!

happy birthday, chip!

Anonymous said...

You make the rest of us geezers look bad....Wait, i take that back--you are soooooo whoooped (see nos. 3, 6, 9, 14-16, 18, 29, 30). Happy Birthday!