Wednesday, May 07, 2008

By the Numbers (annotated)

2- words Chloe mistakenly adds an "s" to

36- age Chip will be on Friday

16- Consecutive birthdays Chip has celebrated with me

40- ounces of Cool Colt purchased and consumed on the first of those birthdays

6- steps in my lights out routine with Connor
hide under the covers while he kisses Dad goodnight
elaborate farce in which I sit up, throw the covers over Connor, and act like I don't know he's there
cuddle together while I sing his lullaby
pick a word and identify every word that rhymes with it, either real or made up
pretend to sleep
leave the room while blowing kisses

3- practices I engage in to make my eyelashes look longer and fuller (besides simply applying mascara)

0- times my eyelashes have looked longer or fuller

3-5- babies Chloe must have in bed with her before she can fall asleep
Gunther (my old Cabbage Patch doll)
Sometimes the doggie and/or the Dora

1- babies that have been banished from the bed because they play songs in the middle of the night when Chloe rolls over on them (Froggy, aka Baby Tad)

3- weeks since Chip was diagnosed with shingles

10- days left until my baby brother gets married

3- months until Connor starts kindergarten

487- anxiety attacks I have daily because of the previous item


An said...

ya'll got to frame that photo of littles c - its amazing

8 - years in a row when I tell Big C happy b-day a good week after its over

JenLF said...

OMG...we have "Baby Tad." My MIL appeared with it one visit. I think it's kinda scary. Jonah played with it once (sort of reluctantly) and then when she left, I removed its batteries and stashed it in the closet.

Phillip said...

Not gonna lie man; 36 kinda sounds old. I'm betting it sounds less old when you're 35.