Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Week In Links

Here are some links that were sent my way this week. I hate keeping them all to myself!

Of course I'll lead off with Michael Phelps. Although I enjoyed this elaborate conspiracy theory too.

This news about Chip's number one girl came with the comment "Chip – I think you might actually have a chance at this point."

This Friday Night Lights link was a big hit with the guys, although my girl list is represented here so I liked it too!

The Amethyst Initiative has decided to open the debate on the national drinking age. This has been a hot topic around here, due to the involvement of our college president. They certainly succeeded in opening a debate.

Kristy helped me learn my type.

This movie poster contest looked like a fun diversion, but after the first "C" I quickly failed. I think I got five.

How much would I love a Veronica Mars movie? I so miss Veronica- she is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time!

What else is going on out there? Did you see anything good this week that I should take a look at?

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