Saturday, August 02, 2008

That Scary Thing

This morning at breakfast, I read the paper while the kids fiddle-farted around with their Cheerios. Connor noticed the big picture on the front page:

Now, the boy wasn't even trying to make a joke. But what he said nearly made me pee my pants.
"Daddy-- what's THAT scary thing?"

My lip started to quiver, but I asked for clarification before unleashing my howl.

"What thing, Connor?" I held the paper closer so he could show me.

He put his finger directly on John McCain's face and said "THAT scary thing! Is that a monster?"

My laughter was so out of control that Connor actually freaked out and starting crying because he wasn't trying to be funny. But that's a whole different story.


Unknown said...

Finally! Someone who wants to tackle politics in a blog. The interweb thanks you.

Shannon said...

awesome connor, awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think Grayson and Connor were cut from the same cloth. And they spell Connor the same way :)

cjaxon said...

Yeah McCain looks like one of those guys that spells Connor with an E ... ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!
Can you imagine the horror his wife feels each night ...