Wednesday, August 13, 2008

None of One

Chloe is at that age when pronouns confuse her and adults laugh at how adorable that is. Her main problem comes when trying to use the word "one." For example, if she picks up her brother's crayon, she might say, "Now I have one!" Then if her Connor generously hands her another crayon, she'll say, "I have two ones!"

But then she might say, "I like the pink one crayon," not understanding that we know "one" refers to "crayon." If Connor then picked up a different crayon, she'd say, "There's another one crayon!"

Of course, if Chloe tried to take that one too, Connor would say, "Now she has all the crayons and I have none crayons!" Only Connor can take a cute grammar mistake and turn it into something negative. He doesn't have anything to worry about, though. He's got a box with 64 one crayons hidden from Chloe up in his room.

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