Monday, August 25, 2008

Farmer's Market Dinner at the Chockleys'

Last weekend we went to a Farmer's Market dinner at River Oaks.  It's a series of dinners put on by the best chefs in Memphis, where all of the ingredients are bought at the Memphis Farmer's Market.  We didn't blog about that in detail, but the Squirrel Squad did a good job of it here.

This past weekend, we decided to re-create the experience at home.  We got up bright and early Saturday morning and hit the MFM.  Our menu was partly dictated by what were able to find there.

We spent the whole evening cooking, drinking, eating, and taking pictures.  Well, I did the drinking and eating, and taking pictures part.  I did provide sparkling company for Steph in the kitchen while she worked her magic.

We scored some locally-made fresh goat cheese from Bonnie Blue Farm.  It was just delicious-- much better than any goat cheese I've ever had.  We matched that with a baguette from Cucina Bread and some gold apples from Jones Orchard.  We cheated and added some non-local stuff to this smorgasbord-- prosciutto and some wonderful Pecorino Toscano from Mantia's.  (Thanks for the recommendation, Alyce!)
All of that went really well with the 2005 Chateau Beauregard Pouily-Fuisse we had:
For the next course, we got all non-local again.  This was an iceberg wedge with homemade bleu cheese dressing and pancetta crumbles: 
Finally, we pan-fried the pork cutlets from the newest MFM vendor, Yoder Brothers.  This was matched with pancetta and herbed oil (our garden's herbs).  Sides were green beans sauteed with shallots and butter, along with new potatoes roasted in fresh rosemary, both from... erm, some other MFM vendor.
This went really well with the 2006 Duckhorn Migration Pinot Noir...
It was quite a feast, and my wife is awesome.


Shannon said...

No tasting notes? It isn't often that you guys have a Pouilly-Fuisse! Plus, a fancy California pinot?

Melissa said...


How easy is it to make homemade bleu cheese dressing?

Melissa said...

And that's not a declaration, like, wow. It's so easy!

It's a legitimate question...

Cathy said...

Yum! I picked up some of that goat cheese too, and it is so good. Charlie even at it out of the tub like ice cream!