Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Family Ramblings

Thoughts while I wonder what you got me for my birthday. . .

The next time you see Chloe, ask her to say "Polly Pocket." Trust me, there is nothing cuter.

The next time you see Connor, don't ask him about starting Kindergarten. He does NOT like starting a new class.

I think that this fall, I'm going to add Life On Mars and Fringe to the season pass list. And possibly re-add Pushing Daisies. Any other suggestions?

On that note, this article from the Onion made me laugh loud enough that a coworker stopped to ask if everything was okay.

Recently, Chloe's great-grandfather said, "Wow- once she gets wound up, she really goes!" I couldn't have said it better myself.

We will not know where Connor is going to school until Friday. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

I'm turning 35 this week, and I feel every year of it. This weekend I went dancing, and my legs are still sore two days later.

I would replace all of the Tyson "chicken" nuggets in my freezer with Quorn "chicken" nuggets if they didn't cost so damn much.

We saw Batman this weekend- it was good, but a little long. There were a lot of drawn out action sequences, and I don't necessarily want my superhero movies to be action movies. All of the performances were great, and there's no question that I want to be Christian Bale's love slave. We were really surprised that so many people have seen a movie that is so dark! It was not an easy summer blockbuster. But it also was much higher quality than your usual summer blockbuster.

I took all these pictures myself.


JenLF said...

I finally saw Batman this weekend, too! And I agree with your assessment - except for the Christian Bale love slave thing. Do you still want to be his love slave if he beats you up like he (yes, I know, allegedly) did his mom and sister?

Unknown said...

I bet Steph can take a punch.

cjaxon said...

HANDS OFF THE BALE!! I snapped him up after Little Women!! Oh what a YUMMY Laurie he was!!
I am thinking he might be a little on edge. Not that it explains away hitting your mom, maybe your sister ;)

cjaxon said...

Oh, and I forgot to add that there is NOTHING CUTE about Polly Pocket!! Just the thought makes my skin crawl. I should take a picture of the "train" table in Katie's room which is now the Polly table. Not that there is room to play after piling all those teeny little pieces on it. Do not buy into the Polly Pocket collection. RUN, don't walk away from that aisle in the toy store. Sure, it seems reasonable to spend 5 bucks a pop, until you buy your 500th actual Polly doll because you have to buy the doll to get the new clothes. Or, the horror!! I just saw that they have Polly dolls that look like those PopBeads we had as kids. You can interchange their head, body, and legs. Connor might have fun yanking some doll heads off without repurcussions though.