Saturday, January 26, 2008

On the Big Stage

Last night I had an awesome date- dinner and drinks at Sauces, followed by the Foo Fighters at the FedEx Forum. (They rocked my face off. Seriously.) Over dinner, I discovered that my date, Cullen, had only been to a handful of arena-level concerts, almost all of them with either me or Shannon. And it made me realize, it was time to start another round of lists. . .

Concerts seen in a Big(ish) Venue*
Barry Manilow
Rick Springfield with Til Tuesday
Morris Day and the Time with Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Bon Jovi with Cinderella
Beastie Boys
Neil Diamond
Dixie Chicks with Michelle Branch
Bruce Springsteen
Rush with Mr. Big
Van Halen
Guns N Roses
Eric Clapton
Backstreet Boys
Pearl Jam with King's X
Foo Fighters with Jimmy Eat World
Sting with Natalie Merchant
*N Sync
311 with No Doubt
Barenaked Ladies
Edie Brickell and New Bohemians
Alison Krauss and Union Station
Death Cab for Cutie with OK Go!
Nickel Creek
Sarah McLachlan
Tori Amos

*This includes venues the size of the Orpheum and above. Does not include the New Daisy or Mud Island.

Concerts I drove to Tunica for:
Pat Benatar
Bela Fleck

Concerts I have seen on the Memphis State campus:
Living Colour
Indigo Girls

Outdoor festivals:
Lilith Fair (2x)
96X Fest (That's right!)
Memphis in May
Sadly missing from this list: Lollapalooza

Concert attended at Nightmoves on the corner of Winchester and Mendenhall:
Mr. Big (have I seen them twice?)

Concerts at Mud Island:
A lot, starting with a-ha in 1986

Concert I famously did not attend:
Duran Duran

Concert I drove to New Orleans to see, despite having nowhere to stay:
Ani DiFranco

Concert I was subjected to after a Giants-Reds game:
Beach Boys (Kokomo/John Stamos era)

Concert I have seen the most:

Concert I did not include, just on principle:
Smashing Pumpkins (Three songs is not a concert. Billy Corgan is an ass.)

Concert I want most to add to this list:


Unknown said...

I can't tell if you actually have very eclectic musical taste or if you just excel at being the 10th caller.

Anonymous said... Billy? (Joel not Idol)

Lisa said...

OMG! I too saw the Ah Ha concert in '86. I went with Rachael (Fluke)Grant. It was 8th grade. It rocked ; )

Anonymous said...

no Stones?