Wednesday, January 02, 2008


A few times when I was younger, I did the big-crowd thing for New Year's Eve. After that, I realized that I much prefer to sit in one place, around a few folks I know well. Less unwanted saliva and beer on my clothes that way too.

This year, like the last few, was spent at Cullen and Gina's. (The kids celebrated with Grammy by drinking sparkling grape juice.) The midnight kiss, as far as I can remember, was spectacular. And I'm pretty sure it was Steph.

(Don't worry Mom and Dad-- I didn't drive home.)

Here are a few pics-- the rest are here.


Stacey Greenberg said...

is steph holding a diet coke in the group shot because:

a) it was very early in the evening
b) it was very late
c) she wanted to look good in case the kids saw the pics

who took the one of you by yourself? i see a new avatar in your future.

Stephanie said...

Someone had to drive home!

I took the pics of Chip by himself, btw.