Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About Last Night

Last night around 7:45 our power went out. We finished getting the kids in bed (by candlelight) and realized that a wire was down in the street in front of our house.

A fire truck came to make sure we didn't electrocute ourselves while waiting on MLGW. By 9:30, two MLGW trucks were there. They worked ALL NIGHT, which sucked for us because the blinking truck lights and backing-up noises and talking kept us from getting much sleep, but sucked worse for the workers because it was about 25 degrees and they were getting even less sleep than we were.

Having no electricity made me realize how old I am. Why? Because without lights I am apparently unable to climb the stairs. While holding two lit candles, I missed the first step and fell, landing directly on my hip. (I was so busy trying not to catch anything on fire that I forgot to try and break the fall.) So now I have a huge, swollen bruise and a limp. Am I old enough to have balance issues and a bad hip? Apparently so.

At 6:30 this morning, Connor came in our room and pointed at the blinking lights that were reflecting on our wall. "I've got that in my room too!" Fortunately that was the first time the commotion, which was located directly outside his window, had woken him. We looked outside together and explained to him that the trucks had been there all night trying to help us get power. He was upset that those guys had missed their bedtime. I was too, and I wished I had power so that I could make them (and me) a cup of coffee. Fortunately Mom lives right around the corner, so we were able to go over there to get ready for work and school and to have that coffee. Just us, though- we left the workers in front of our house. It wasn't until after 8:00 this morning that they got the power back on, but at least it's on.

Since I'm pro-MLGW this morning, it seems like a good time to link to the company's blog. The author is someone you know and love, even though it's not officially "her" blog so I can't name names. I'll give you a hint, though: she has several other blogs. So thanks, power company! Here's to a scandal-free year with no Christmastime executive firings! *fingers crossed*


Stacey Greenberg said...

i am very thankful for electricity and my desk job. i appreciate the shout out!

Cathy said...

We lost electricity too. It was eerie how quiet it was. Of course, we didn't have workers in front of our house.

Unknown said...

I know just what you mean. Last night on the way home there was a traffic light out, so it took, like, an extra five minutes to get home. It was so inconvenient.

And then I paid an enormous utility bill, so MLGW can still suck it.

Stan said...

Dang you, you should have come to our house for warmth! We came to your's when we were roasting hot without power in the summer! Although that wouldn't have made for nearly as good a story.