Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sports Photography

Three excellent reasons to go see the Rhodes basketball team this past Sunday:
1) We needed to get out of the house, so as to stave off the incessant "Wanna watch Dow Dow" (Dora) chants from Chloe.
2) The game was free.
3) I could try my hand at sports photography, something I've never done.

We took turns taking Chloe out to the lobby so that she could run around without causing injury to herself and/or the players on the court. During one of my turns, Steph took over the camera and proceeded to completely show me up (in a photographic sense). She just happened to capture the most spectacular play of the game:

Along with the bench's reaction to that play:

I will now light myself on fire.


Cullen said...

And make sure Steph gets pictures of you on fire. But not the kids reaction.

Unknown said...

Great camera work! The toughest things about basketball photography are 1) Setting the camera for FUNKY, almost impossible lighting, so action can be captured and 2) Pre-focusing on a spot where cool action is anticipated. This is an impressive performance on both counts by team Chockley...

Stan said...

setting yourself on fire is the only logical conclusion to that story.