Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Little More

After the overwhelming response to yesterday's post, I couldn't wait to put up more of the list!

I dedicate #36-70 to my new BFF, Aunt Katherine:

36. I just don't get the whole Wilco thing. I wish I did, because the people who like them REALLY like them. But I just don't.
37. I was a contestant on The Knowledge Bowl when I was in high school. I was too scared to ring in, so I only answered one question. My answer was "Pete Rose," and it was correct. We lost anyway.
38. I enjoy reading internet spoilers about my favorite TV shows.
39. I require eight hours of sleep each night.
40. On a completely irrational level, I will do anything possible to avoid getting out of bed in the morning. Within a few minutes of getting out of bed, I come to my senses and start to feel awake for the day, but when I'm still under the covers I am completely insane.
41. I wish I took the time to read books more often. The sad truth is, I just prefer TV.
42. When I do find time to pick up a book of fiction, I have trouble putting it down until I'm done.
43. When I gain weight, I gain it exactly evenly all over my body. So people are always surprised when they hear how much I actually weigh.
44. Not counting pregnancy, my weight has fluctuated within a 50-lb range in the past 15 years.
45. My favorite color is red. This isn't because I'm "fiery" or "passionate" or because I'm "a Leo"- I just like it.
46. I don't put any stock in astrology, but I like to pretend I do on the subject of being a Leo.
47. I've had plenty of joe jobs, nothing I'd call a career. In addition to Subway, I worked at a movie theater concession stand, as a waitress, a receptionist, a teacher, and whatever it is I do now.
48. My dream career is housewife and mother. I would have rocked the 1950s!
49. I'd like to spin you a tale about how The Godfather or Citizen Kane is my favorite movie, but I can't. My favorite movie of all time is Wayne's World, followed by Christmas Vacation and Bull Durham.
50. I do love The Godfather. But I've never seen Citizen Kane. (Gasp!)
51. I have a real weakness for garden-variety romantic comedies. I always cry at the end of the second act, when it looks like Meg and Tom won't end up together, and again at the end of the movie when they do.
52. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year.
53. Knowing this, Chip proposed to me on Christmas Eve. Then we got married during the following Christmas season.
54. I have been pregnant four times.
55. Two ended in miscarriage, two ended with a c-section.
56. If I could afford plastic surgery, I would have a tummy tuck.
57. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs, because they were my dad's favorite team.
58. I prefer professional sports to college sports. I imagine that would be different if I lived in an SEC city.
59. I wish I watched more hockey.
60. Part of me likes being Southern.
61. Part of me hates living in the South.
62. I wish I didn't have to raise my kids in this part of the country. (I mean, how is it that Connor is already a NASCAR fan?)
63. I'd love to live in San Francisco or Boston.
64. Everyone agrees that Austin is a cool place to live, but I can't get over the fact that it's in Texas.
65. I love to sing and dance, although I'm not good at either.
66. I have no problem making a fool of myself in front of other people.
67. That's why you have probably seen me sing and/or dance. (Or lead cheers.)
68. It drives me crazy when people take themselves too seriously.
69. I will only take a sick day for myself if I have a fever or if I'm vomiting.
70. I will take a vacation day at the drop of a hat.


Cullen said...

I wish I actually kept up with my blog at all, so that I could respond to everything you, Chip & Shannon post about, b/c I don't want to leave a long reply in the comments. But there is so much here to talk about. And obviously Shannon and I don't spend enough time with Connor --- NASCAR? REALLY?

Mrs. Katherine said...

Thank you for the dedication! I like your list, probably because it reminds me of myself. And as I'm sure you'll be told by R & E, I really like myself.

I also like The Godfather (never seen Citizen Kane, but I know that there is a Friends episode where Rachel tries to read the book), but my favorite movie is Never Been Kissed because I love a movie that ends with kissing on a baseball field.

Sassy Molassy said...

Hey! I responded yesterday, it was just in IM form.

Memphis Urban Sketchers said...

40. ditto
43. ditto
46. ditto
50. ditto
64. ditto
57. I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore - I'm a total White Sox fan by marriage!

Stephanie said...

For #51, I first typed Josie and Mr. Coulson instead of Meg and Tom, but I was afraid only Tiffany would get the reference.

Oh Katherine, won't you come for a visit?

Mrs. Katherine said...

I am hoping to be at the next Ravioli party, but I'd rather come sooner. Now I finally have a reason to!

Sassy Molassy said...
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An said...

i'm linked to your 60's, would that be top 60th percentile?

Shannon said...

I am an American aquarium drinker
I assassin down the avenue

Cathy said...

36. It took me about a year to appreciate Wilco, but now I love 'em.
37. I had no idea you were on Knowledge Bowl. I wonder if we could get our hands on the original tape?
40. I totally do the same thing. I love sleeping!
47. My favorite joe job was working at K-Mart - in the apparel department!
51. (and comments)Josie and Mr. Coulson! I love it! I prefer it over any of the Meg and Tom films (except for Joe Vs. the Volcano, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle)...