Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let's Get It Over With

71. I believe I'm destined to be PTO president someday.
72. I wish I could write songs or draw or write fiction, but I'm just not creative and artsy.
73. I envy people who are.
74. I like getting dressed up.
75. I'm not comfortable in jeans.
76. I am not an animal person.
77. I have a pet cat anyway, and although I love him I will never refer to him as one of my kids.
78. I think white wine is the most perfect beverage in the world. I could drink it instead of water.
79. But I do love Memphis water, and when I leave town I realize how spoiled I am by its quality.
80. I play the same numbers in every Powerball drawing. I have no problem spending $2 a week on this, and I am under no delusions that I might actually win. At this point it's just a superstitious/OCD thing.
81. I knew Chip was "the one", right from the start.
82. I watched the entire run of Sex and the City, despite my intense hatred of Carrie Bradshaw.
83. I always have to have polish on my toenails, and I won't stand for it to be chipped or smudged.
84. If I had the time and money, I would get a weekly pedicure. I've only had three in my whole life.
85. I was born in Ripley, WV.
86. My dad is buried in Huntington, WV.
87. I have lived in Memphis since I was five.
88. I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD and I watch them regularly.
89. When the show was originally on, Chandler was my favorite, but repeat viewings have led me to appreciate just how funny Ross is.
90. I made an effort not to talk about specific TV shows on this, because I love so many, but Friends is Friends-what are you gonna do.
91. My early teen crushes included Doug Flutie (He did it!), Christian Laettner (So not gay! OK, maybe), and Jon Bon Jovi.
92. Only Jon remains in my top 5, but this country music thing he's got going has him hanging by a thread.
93. I am not good at spelling.
94. I like math.
95. Growing up my nickname was Nee Nee (or just Neen), although my step-dad sometimes referred to me as Bertha Buttinski.
96. (Bertha went on her first diet at age 10.)
97. As an adult, I have been called Steffa, Steff-Annie (that one is easier to say than write), and Steph.
98. I think nicknames are fine, but I almost always refer to myself as Stephanie (not Steph), even when I sign a note to a close friend.
99. I like the hot weather of the summertime, because I'm used to it and because summer clothes are so comfortable and cute.
100. I like being cold in the winter, because I get to wear boots and because gloves and scarves make cute accessories.
101. I think living someplace like San Diego, where it's 70 degrees all year round, would be perfect. I wouldn't miss the seasons at all.
102. My favorite vacation is to the beach, mainly because you aren't expected to do anything except lounge. And I love the textures, smells and sounds of the sand and sea.
103. I am shocked to realize that I now consider sushi to be comfort food.
104. I didn't find this exercise to be difficult at all- I could easily write another hundred.
105. I like symmetry.


Unknown said...

105? 100 things is pretentious enough, but 105? That's just sad.

Memphisotan said...

105 is a totally asymmetrical number!

Mrs. Katherine said...

I've been working on my own list mainly to see how many things we have in common between the two. I have a few dedicated to pedicures as well! But here is a major difference. I LOVE jeans. I have to force myself to not wear them everyday, and I don't enjoy dressing up because it makes me feel like an imposter. A Stephanie imposter, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but another friend's blog led me to yours. I'd like to say that I find you incredibly funny, and I would like to know if I have permission to add you to my blogroll. Leave a comment if it is okay. Thanks!

Mrs. Katherine said...

Your list is making you all sorts of new friends!

Stephanie said...

Sorry Bryant, but this blog is not really geared towards the 14-yr-old-Christian crowd. Thanks for thinking of me, though!

Cathy said...

106. I attract middle school Christian boys.