Monday, March 16, 2009

The Party

When Connor turned three, I didn't have any kind of peer-oriented party for him. We had some family over, and we took cupcakes to his school, but that was it. However, he talked a little about wanting to have his friends over, etc. I know he would have enjoyed a party, I just didn't have that part of parenting together yet.

Chloe made it clear that she was going to have a party for her third birthday. None of her school friends have had a party yet, but she has been to plenty as a sibling tag-a-long. She knows the drill. I groaned at the thought of cleaning my house and entertaining a bunch of two- and three-year-olds. Then I had a brilliant idea- Chick-Fil-A! They have a playground, they have chicken nuggets- what could be better? I called to set it up, and learned another bit of awesomeness that sealed the deal: it costs less than $3 per kid. Done!

It was a pretty fun party, very low-stress and inexpensive. Thanks to everyone who came all the way to East Memphis to help my girl celebrate!

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