Monday, March 09, 2009

Fire Sale

Chip and I made a New Year's resolution to organize our attic. Our goal was to be done in March and have a yard sale/Goodwill giveaway so that all our unneeded stuff would leave our house forever. We were making progress, but when E suggested we have a group sale on March 7, we really had to step up our game.

Sassy declared her new yard to be the perfect spot for this sale, and it really is, so we spent Thursday and Friday hauling stuff over there, making signs, pricing things, etc. Our only real obstacle was the fact that we're all a little lazy, so no one could bring themselves to commit to a 6:00 am start time. We agreed to have our stuff ready by 8:00, put that time in our advertising, and slept well Friday night.

Saturday morning at 7:00, we gathered at Sassy's to move everything from her carport to the front of the house. There were yard salers waiting on us. This didn't bother me at all- if they feel like they're getting the best deal by digging through my crap while it's still in the box, rather than waiting on me to display it nicely on a card table, fine by me. One guy announced (at 7:10 am) that it was obvious this was our first sale, since everyone knows you can't start a sale as late as 8:00. I thought about how much earlier he must have gotten up than I did and laughed a little inside. Then I sold him something that Tiff's mom got me for Christmas in 1999.

Most of my sale items were baby-related: a crib, a car seat, lots of bedding and toys. I joked with people that it was obvious my babies were all grown up. (As each item sold, I crossed my fingers and hoped that I wasn't jinxing myself.) By 9:30 I had sold all but two things that I really wanted to sell. By 10:30 another one was gone. By 11:30 I packed up my last remaining item that was worth anything and headed home. I can sell that PBK crib bumper (with original packaging!) on ebay. I left a few junky things for the Goodwill truck and headed home happy, with the realization that I am not cut out for yard sale-ing. I think from now on I'll leave this stuff to the professionals and give my stuff away like the socialist I am.


Mrs. Katherine said...

I had my last yard sale almost 4 years ago. I won't even waste my time on craigslist anymore.

Cullen said...

We very much appreciate, especially Harper, all the free stuff that was given to us while getting ready for the yard sale. Let me know when Rock Band 2 is available.