Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kindergarten Conversations

Boy: My dog froze to death.
Girl #1: You already told us that!
Girl #2: My dog got run over.
Me: You told us about that. I'm so sorry that happened to your dogs. Let's talk about something more pleasant, OK?
Kids: OK
Girl #2: My sister got run over.

Girl #2: I asked my mama if she would kick me out if I had a baby. She said, "Girl you know I would!"

Boy: The tooth fairy left me five dollars!
Me: The tooth fairy only leaves one dollar at our house.
Girl #2: The tooth fairy left me $100!
Girl #1: The tooth fairy left me, uh, a lot of dollars. But I think she was broke after leaving Girl #2's house.

Boy: Do you have a little girl?
Me: Yes, she'll be three years old next weekend.
Girl #1: My sister's birthday is next Friday.
Me: That's great- my girl's birthday is actually next Sunday.
Girl #1: Friday isn't really my sister's birthday.
Boy: At my baby brother's birthday, we had a Spiderman Cake.
Girl #1: You already told us that!

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Sassy Molassy said...

Oh man, I am cracking up. The confession of the birthday lie is the best!