Monday, July 09, 2007

We Are Family

This weekend we had a wonderful visit with Uncle Shannon and Aunt Carrie.

One day of the visit, after wrestling the kids down for a nap, Shannon looked at me and said, "So- kids, huh?" It's hard for me to imagine what it must be like to be plopped down in the middle of the chaos of two kids and try to make sense of the situation. I tried to promise him that it builds up gradually- that by the time he gets to where we are, it won't seem so crazy. I'm not sure he believed me. Here Shannon tries to understand what it is Chloe is telling him about Connor.

On Thursday afternoon, Shannon and I went down to Idlewild to pick up the kids and to give Shannon a chance to walk around. It's so weird that Idlewild is suddenly a part of my everyday life when for a long time it was this distant, mythical place. So Shannon and I walked around, looked in the sanctuary, and found the picture of our dad that hangs with the other portraits of former pastors. It was nice. As was the reception my kids gave their Uncle Shannon. How exciting to be picked up from school early by your cool uncle!
Thursday night we belatedly celebrated Carrie and Connor's birthdays. Connor's favorite new toy is this cool dinosaur that plays hide and seek with you. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a birthday gift for someone around Connor's age.

You see pictures of my babies all the time on this site- for a change, here's a picture of Grammy's babies.

On Friday Shannon, Carrie, Mom and I took the kids to lunch and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon. Our Saturday together involved barbeque, Cullen, soccer, the Live Earth concert and lots of dancing. (Connor is still in his breakdancing phase, and Chloe has added a twirl to go with her head nod. It's quite a sight to see.)

We were sad to see them go on Sunday, and are already looking forward to their next visit, whenever that may be. We love you and miss you already!


Wendy said...

It's so cool to see pics of Shannon and Carrie! And it's cool to have "been there" at "the very beginning!" My, my, how time flies. Life is good.

An said...

one of my most favorite memories was coming back into the country after being gone for awhile, calling my sis and telling her i'm going to pick up nikki from day care, she was around 7 years old, but i was gone at this particular time for around 3 - 4 months, walked in, sat down, she looked at me, carried on with her business, than has this confused face and all i could hear was this big scream, "UNCLE DI" - it feels really good to hear those two words - "uncle shannon" glad you feeling the love too!

(i forgot my usser name/password)

Anonymous said...

that is a cool toy. megan has basically the same thing, but its a care bear. its called "hide & seek bear." it lets her know when shes getting closer to the the bear or if she is no where near it. it says all sorts of stuff. here is a LIST of all the things it says:
(in no particular order)

1. youre getting warmer.
2. its fun playing with you.
3. you'll never find me
4. yay, you found me.
5. wow, youre good at this game.

put it on your list of things to buy know you have one.