Thursday, July 05, 2007


This Fourth of July we had a lot of fun. We started at the amazing water park at the JCC.

They had a "furriest father" contest while we were there. Trust me, there were a lot of serious contenders. Luckily, Chip refrained from photographing the event. Every picture taken of Connor that day also features Miss S, his new favorite person.

Later on, we invaded the Clines' home and more than took advantage of their hospitality. The kids were occasionally well-behaved. And they did some serious swinging with the super-cool (and childless) Mary while the parents enjoyed adult beverages and conversation inside.

Predictably for this particular holiday, the evening ended explosively. My kids slept almost 12 straight hours in the wake of all the excitement. They were good and rested for the arrival of Aunt Carrie and Uncle Shannon, who will get their own well-deserved post once the weekend is over. Happy Birthday, America!

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