Monday, July 23, 2007


What is it that makes kids push the limits so much? Connor has started arguing over EVERYTHING lately. Often about what's on (or not on) his plate at dinner, also about what's on TV, how much longer he gets to play the Noggin computer games, who's giving him the bath... and on and on. I'm a competent parent-- I don't backhand him or anything, though many times I'd like to. More than anything, I'd like the excise the words "But Daaaad..." from his vocabulary entirely. They are NEVER followed by anything I'd like to hear.

Steph, however, is having no trouble whatsoever coping with this problem... right Steph?


On another note, Rock n Romp 7 (?) was this past Saturday. The weather was gorgeous, and the turnout was huge. Chloe loved the sprinkler action there:

For more on Rock n Romp, along with a slideshow of all the rest of our pics, check it out here.

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