Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome Home Tigers!

After an exciting day of watching the Tigers play Friday, Connor and I were in full Memphis mode. Talk on the internets turned to speculating when the team's plane would land. Realizing it wouldn't be too late, I decided to call Cullen and ask, "Drive me and Connor to meet the team plane tonight?"

What class acts these guys are. Tarik Black was the last to leave the fans, signing everything you threw at him and taking pictures with all of us.

Will Coleman is truly our best ambassador- he came through the line first, then started over and came back through. He is a baby-kissing machine! Charmed the pants off of everyone there.

Connor was up past his bedtime, overwhelmed, and star-struck. It was awesome.

Great job, Tigers! It was a crazy season, but you can certainly be proud of your effort. Hope to see most of you back next season!

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