Monday, March 21, 2011

More Birthday Madness

Our original idea for Chloe's party this year was to have it at the Collierville Animal Shelter. I had heard they had a party room, and Chloe was enthusiastic. In my mind I came up with some awesome theme decorations and party favors. We were ready! Unfortunately, due to understaffing, the shelter has quit hosting parties. Uh oh- back to square one.

I decided to shoot for the moon, and give Chloe every option in the book. Zoo? Chuck E. Cheese? Children's Museum? Build-A-Bear? What's it going to be? She chose the one option I had purposefully left out. "I want to do Chick-Fil-A again!" Instead of Build-A-Bear? Really? "Mom, there's no FOOD at Build-A-Bear!"

As usual, the kids had lots of fun at Chick-Fil-A, eating and playing and fighting over balloons for perfectly-timed ninety minutes. Chloe was thrilled to play with her friends, have her family close by, and to open lots of Barbie, Princess, and Barbie-Princess gifts. A great end to a week of celebrating! Her dedication to the concept of "Birthday Week" definitely made her Leo mama proud.

Thanks to everyone who helped make her feel special! See you again next year- hopefully at a new location, but you never know. . .

(Photos are all by Bwana Chockley, due to the fact that Chip sat in a corner during the party, suffering from a stomach virus.)

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