Monday, February 08, 2010


We woke this morning, following our normal showering and getting everybody ready routine, until Steph happened to look out the window, doing a cartoon doubletake.  It's really so much more fun when it's unexpected.  When Memphis frets for a whole week over winter weather, it's always a letdown.

This was actually enough for a SNOWMAN, which I don't think has happened in these two kids' lifetimes.

See the whole slideshow here.


Cullen said...

Don't be surprised when you see that last one posted in a frame at my house. That is an amazing shot.

Stacey Greenberg said...

i got a text from ashley at 5:35 that said "look outside."

Anonymous said...

I just have to share this line with fellow MCS folks. You sign up and if schools are closed, they email/text you around 5:00am. Thirty minutes before I would have gotten out of bed and started our normal get-ready-for-school routine. It's great!

Beautiful pics! I agree with Cullen, the last one is gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

BTW Chip, Connor has made a snowman before, but Chloe was a few weeks late to see it.