Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Tender Tennessee Christmas

Last weekend we got the holiday started with a trip to Shelbyville. Four generations opened gifts and ate tons of food and fought over Sherri's homemade hats and scarves.

As the week progressed, we ate breakfast for dinner with Di and opened a great present from him, Beatles Rock Band. Then we cooked for Tiff and Mark and exchanged presents with them as well.

On Thursday, Shannon, Carrie, Sherri and Roy came to town. We missed Cory and Chris terribly, but we still managed to drink lots of wine (mostly) and open lots of presents. In fact, we started a new tradition in which we opened grandparent presents on Christmas Eve so that they wouldn't get lost in the shuffle of Christmas morning.

Santa was good to us all, and we spent a lazy day playing video games, reading new books on new devices, shooting marshmallows at each other and baking things with the light of a 100-watt bulb. And then last night, I stayed up watching Elf and I cried at the end- not because Zooey's voice moves me, but because the big day was over.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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