Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Spirit

We've been packing in the holiday activities lately- you know I like to wring every last drop out of the holiday season!

Last Wednesday, the four of us and Mom went to Starry Nights at Shelby Farms. AWESOME. My kids and I (and my mom!) love to drive around looking at light displays during the holidays, so this was a must-attend event for us. We weren't disappointed. Connor kept saying, "It's so beautiful!" over and over. And on top of seeing the cool lights, I got to sit in between the kids in the back and love on them for a half hour. It was $20 well spent.

On Friday, I went with Connor's class to see New Ballet Ensemble's Nut ReMix at Germantown Performing Arts Center. It was a really good production, with all ages and styles represented. Connor really loves dancing, so this was a perfect activity for him. I could tell that his history with So You Think You Can Dance really prepared him for what he would see. He didn't lose interest and had some knowledge of the styles of dance. It was fun for both of us.

Friday night, we went with Stacey and her monkeys to Snowy Nights at My Big Back Yard, and then to dinner at Dan McGuinness Pub. I suggest you read her accounts of these events. No need for me to write the exact same thing- she and I were in complete agreement! And I will definitely take the kids back to Dan McGuinness- the kids' meal was huge, so I think they could share one. At $4.95, it's a great bargain!

On Saturday and Sunday I made lots of cookies and sweet treats to bring to people at work. But my baking frenzy was interrupted Sunday by an event that will surely be made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie someday. We were invited to eat some choice holiday party leftovers at the The Compound, and upon our arrival we were informed that Kristy Alley planned to DO A CRAFT WITH THE KIDS. She had special supplies and everything! It was something I'll never forget- a true holiday miracle!

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