Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Suzy Snowflake

You might remember that last year, Chloe and Connor had competing Christmas programs. This year, Connor doesn't have one at all and Chloe's was moved to daytime. The one daytime in the month of December that I had trouble getting away from work. I was able to attend just the half hour program, but fortunately Mom and Chip were able to stay for the special holiday luncheon. Even better, Mom decided to spirit Chloe away for a fun afternoon of shopping and playing at Grammy's house when the luncheon was over.

I was so glad that Chloe got to leave, because Connor has had many cool opportunities for me to take him home early (class party, field trip, etc) and Chloe almost never does. The sad part is, she wouldn't have been disappointed if she'd had to stay at school, because she doesn't even expect it at this point. I wonder if that's because she isn't as needy as Connor, or if it's because she's the second child so she's gotten the short end of the stick most of her life?

Chloe has a spotty history with her school programs. For the first one, she cried in my lap rather than participating. For the second one, she sang and danced like a pro. How would it go this year? She started off a little apprehensive.

Once she got on stage, she was happy to see her family in the crowd. But would she sing? Many times in the past few weeks, she has serenaded us with perfect renditions of "Suzy Snowflake" and what is known as "The Chipmunks Song." But when asked to sing on demand, she either refuses or sings in her fake baby voice.

Her teachers spent the last week saying to me, "I hope Chloe sings Tuesday the way she's been singing in practice!" She was right in the middle of the stage, right in front of the microphone. We held our breath as the song started, then collectively exhaled as she opened her mouth to sing loudly, on key, with all the right words. We could totally hear her above everyone else. She ruled!

Although she was upset that I didn't record the grand finale ("We Wish You a Merry Christmas," sung by the Koalas and Penguins) on my iPhone, she did get the sense that it was her special day. We let her know how proud we were that she had overcome her nerves and sung in front of that big crowd. And we got take-out pizza (from Brooklyn Bridge- lordy I love that place) and had a rare mid-week living room picnic in front of the TV. It was a wonderful day, and my girl got to feel special.

Stay tuned for the next edition of "Chockleys On Stage" when Connor performs in the African American History program next February.

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