Friday, December 21, 2007

The Week That Was

I had many grand ideas this week about topics that should be covered on the blog, but sadly I just did not have the time to share these things with my adoring public. Sorry. Here's a little sampling, so that you don't feel ignored.

I'm excited to announce that my baby brother has FINALLY started his own blog. If you've ever wondered what a conversation with him is like, go visit the Millfills and find out. I really wanted to write a long essay about his best and worst Christmas songs, but the best I could do was a long-ish comment on one of the posts. And this next comment:

But seriously- it's not Gene Autry's fault that Santa Claus is Coming to Town has mixed imagery! That's in every version! It just really cracks me up: "Santa knows that we're God's children, that makes everything right." Phew! I thought worshipping the false idol of Santa Claus might get me in trouble, but that carol just told me everything is okay. Sweet! But I like that song, despite the multiple "Santa and God are in this together!" references.

When Chloe walks into a room full of people, she says, "Hey guys!" I laugh every time.

Connor might spontaneously combust before Tuesday morning. Sample quotes from under the tree:
(After digging through a present ill-advisedly wrapped in a gift bag) Mom, if you put that Cars present back under the tree, I promise I won't look in it again!
(After a box came from Amazon) Mom, why don't you just give me whatever is in there?
When stuff comes in the mail we don't have to make it into a gift.
Mom, did you get me lots of stuff?
If I don't open that present, I'm going to go blind!!!!!!!! (ed note: WTF?)

I forgot to mention the most important fact about Chip- if you give him anything bite-sized, he takes at least two if not three bites to finish it. He can take one Hersey's kiss and make a full dessert out of it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why he has weighed 145 pounds as long as I've known him.

We had a fun get-together on Sunday, but it's too late to post about it now. These pictures will have to do!


Unknown said...

Not Gene Autry's fault? It's absolutely Gene Autry's fault. Gene Autry wrote the damn song!

Stephanie said...

Well then, I take that back.

Having a blog is fun AND educational!

Anonymous said...

I just love that in one of the pics you can see part of the remote control. A woman after my own heart.

Merry Christmas Chockleys. I miss you.

Love, Nikki