Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8 Years Ago Today...

At this time exactly 8 years ago, I was rushing around trying to remember all the things I was supposed to gather and organize. We were to get married at 7:30 p.m., have the reception, go straight to the super-swanky French Quarter Inn (heh!), and then from there to the airport bound for San Francisco and Sonoma for a week. Once the vows were spoken, there would be no chance to return home again before the honeymoon. There was LOTS to remember, and memory is not a strong point of mine. It is a strong point of Steph's, and we agreed to not see each other until the actual ceremony. I think I had a written list, and I STILL had to make several trips home after arriving at the wedding place. It was frantic, but once I saw her walk down the aisle, it all started to melt away. I knew everything would work out just fine-- for that night, for the honeymoon, and for the rest of my life.

I don't want to bore/disgust everyone with more gushing about Stephanie, but I am certain I found and married the right woman. Everything else in life certainly falls into place when you get that right. Thanks for making me a happy guy, Steph.

On to more negative things. If you know us, you've no doubt heard a rant or two about our dissatisfaction with our wedding pics. We skimped on the photographer (along with everything else) and now have virtually NO acceptable pictures from the most important day of our lives.

Having said that, I'll share some anyway:


Memphisotan said...

Happy anniversary, Chockleys!

Does it seem weird to anyone else that the group we now can't shake off weren't all at each others' weddings?

Cathy said...

You two are so cute! A few things:
1. We skimped on our wedding photographer, too, and I regret that decision.
2. We also stayed at the super swanky French Quarter. It wasn't too bad because we had both drank enough champagne to overlook the not so irresistable details.
3. I saw Jennifer Dennis yesterday, and she reminisced about doing Steph's hair for The Big Day and other gastric details about the morning's appointment.

Happy anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Chip mentions that we skimped on everything, and we did that very successfully. The only thing that didn't work out were the pictures. I'd say we did a good job at having an inexpensive wedding!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary to you too!!!

Stan said...

Beautiful, today and 8 years ago. Happy Anniversary. I'm so glad you found each other.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I am going to dig in my photos and try to mold and make them into decent photos for you two.... We also skimped on photos.
Belatedly Happy Anniversary..!!! Cheers to many, many more.