Monday, June 27, 2011

Pretend Like This JUST Happened

It's so weird that we took pictures of all these events in our kids' lives and then didn't immediately share them with you, right? You must all be on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear about the minutiae of our daily lives! Well, consider your prayers answered.

Remember back in May, when all we did was watch basketball? Well, Chip had a birthday. He spent it at a basketball game, so there are no pictures of that event.

Then Connor had his last day in second grade. Even though he claims to have had a horrible year (didn't love his teacher), he was nonetheless very nostalgic that last week of school. That boy still struggles with transitions! On the last day of school there was a nice program, where he was recognized as an honor roll student and as one of the top readers in his class. There are also no pictures of that event.

BUT! There are pictures of Chloe's last day as a Penguin! I couldn't let this day pass without notice. We've been at Idlewild Children's Center for seven years, and this was our last day on the preschool hall. Pretty bittersweet, I must say.

They had a picnic/field day at Peabody Park on the last day of class. Chip attended and took this awesome class photo. Too cute! (I did not attend. I have to save those vacation days for mama alone time, nahmean?)

Here's Chloe and her bestie, contemplating the gravitas of pre-school graduation.

From all accounts, they had a very fun day, which ended with a playdate at the aforementioned BFF's house. And now Chloe is officially a rising Kindergartener. And no, I still don't know where she's going to go to school. We've officially been wait-listed at Snowden, and I've officially cried about it, and Chip has officially told me to go beg at the feet of the principal and see if we can't get her in there.

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