Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Magic Ms. Holly

For the second summer in a row, the kids have spent a week taking swim lessons at Ms. Holly's house. (Once again- pretend like we just did this last week, aight?) You might remember Ms. Holly- she's the magic lady in Midtown who ninja teaches your kids to swim in a scant five hours. Totally worth the money- I recommend her highly. Her website can be found here.

This year, Chloe was ready for level two- aka The Hardest Level- in which she learned to do some back swimming thing that used legs and no arms, a sophisticated dog paddle, and became comfortable grabbing stuff off the bottom of the pool. (Yawn- she had that one down already.) She also jumped in the pool in the deep end and swam almost the whole way across. Good job!

Connor got a big promotion to level four. He learned to dive off the side and freestyle to the other end. He also swam the length of the pool doing the back stroke, and learned the beginnings of the breast stroke. Fancy stuff! His favorite part of the week was playing a game in which someone takes a golf tee to the bottom of the pool and lets it go. Then when it pops up on the surface, you jump in from the side and try to grab it. If you can't grab it on your initial jump, you have to get out and keep trying- you can't just keep grabbing while you swim. It was pretty fun, but only works in backyard, private pools- we can't recreate it at Rhodes.

Just this weekend, the mother of one of Chloe's friends was commenting on how well Chloe swam. Connor insisted his birthday party include time at the pool. We have two water babies, and a good bit of their confidence in the water is due to Ms. Holly's magic hand. We'll be back next year, and I recommend you get a spot too.

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