Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad Medicine

Actual conversation with my nurse practitioner:

Her: Your bloodwork came back normal, the fluid in your ear is still clear.
Me: Good!
Her: First thing, stop taking Claritin. It's hurting rather than helping. You need Mucinex D, to loosen stuff up.
Me: Good to know.
Her: And I'll get you an antibiotic-
Me: (interrupting) Didn't you just say my bloodwork was normal? Why on earth would you give me an antibiotic?
Her: Pretty much no one leaves here without one. (Notices crazed look in my eye) But, uh, also you've been fighting it with OTC stuff for a week, with no results. If this had just started yesterday, I might not prescribe an antibiotic yet.
Me: But didn't you just tell me I was using the wrong OTC stuff? Shouldn't I just give that a try first, since there's no infection?
Her: Sure. I mean, that's what I'd prefer you do anyway. But I'll give you this prescription just in case.
Me: Sigh.


Unknown said...

You should have gone to see a bartender instead.

warren said...

Something similar happened to me and i skipped the antibiotic part without dying.

Stacey Greenberg said...

Just wait til the commies take over healthcare!