Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chockley Dinner Discourse

Chloe:  "Mom, I want my nickname to be dweeb."
Steph:  "Whaa?"
Chloe:  "Yeah, Chloe Bess Chockley Dweeb.  Hahahahaha!"
Chip and Steph:  "Ummmm..."


Steph:  "And I have cinnamon rolls in the oven too!"
Chloe:  "Boom Boom POW!"


Connor:  "I wish we lived in Florida.  And I wish it was Christmas everyday.  Yeah, Christmas and Florida, every day."
Chip:  "But Connor, if it were Christmas every day, it wouldn't be so special.  Part of what makes Christmas special is--"
Connor:  "--that we get PRESENTS!"
Chip:  "--is that it only comes once a year.  If it were every day, it wouldn't be very special."
Connor:  "Well that doesn't make any sense."
Chloe:  "And we lived next door to Michael Jackson!"
Chip and Connor:  "?"
Chloe:  "I wish we lived at (sic) Florida, and it was Christmas everyday, and Michael Jackson lived next door to us."
Connor:  "Yeah, that we be awesome.  But Michael Jackson would have to come back alive."


Stanfill said...

love it! Boom Boom Pow!

Stephanie said...

Why are you telling my kids that crap about Christmas? It should be Christmas every day! At the beach! MJ is on his own, though.

Melissa said...

This *almost* makes me want to have a second kid.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Stacey Greenberg said...

the MJ component is hilarious.