Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo Assistant

My kids have tolerated my preoccupation with my camera the last couple of years, especially since they were invariably the subject of my photographs.  I still take pics of them, of course, but this year I've broadened my horizons to take pictures of other people's kids, events and food.

Last Sunday, I had two shoots for Memphis Parent magazine-- one at Baskin Robbins and another at the Zoo.  I thought it would be fun to take Connor along, since his sis was napping, and his mother sometimes just needs to be left alone to watch the NFL on Sundays.

He did that thing where he resists anything new:
"Connor, how'd you like to come along on a couple of photoshoots with me-- I'm going to take pictures at Baskin Robbins and then the Zoo." 

"Noooooo!  I want to stay home with Mom." 

The nonverbal whining commences.

"Connor, remember when I told you to come with me to take pictures of Kendo, and you really didn't want to go, and I made you go and we had a great time?"

"Yeah, but I want to stay home with Mom."  More whining.  Steph and I exchanged a look and the decision was made.

"Put your shoes on, let's go."

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is knowing when to push and when to respect.  In this instance, Connor needed a push.

He really perked up when I told him he could have ice cream while I shot the nice family at Baskin Robbins.  He was an excellent assistant at the Zoo, alerting me to those brief moments when the 16-month-old in the family was actually staying still for more than 2 seconds.  (If you're interested, some of the pics of these lovely families are here.)

When it was time to leave the Zoo, Connor admitted it.  "Dad, I had fun going with you to take pictures."  I laughed and said, "Good!  Just remember that next time when you don't want to do something new and I make you go."


An said...

the going price for photo assistants are at least 30 bucks an hour, not a one scoop of ice cream per day

cjaxon said...

MAN, my Connor just yanks on my camera strap! Your assistant seems to be much better at his job. Maybe two scoops next time :)