Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Lions

I always get excited when we get over the cusp and the time of the Leos is upon us. We start the celebrating today by wishing the lovely, talented, knocked-up Gina a very happy birthday! I’m sad we couldn’t take you out for virgin daiquiris, fried sushi and well-done steak this weekend. We’ll get together to have a caffeine-free toast in your honor very soon!

Upcoming Leo birthdays:
August 2- Elizabeth
August 3- My late Nana
August 4- Scott, who shares his birthday with Barack Obama! Sweet.
August 6- Mom
August 7- Moi
August 8- Mark
August 11- Tiffany and Cousin Jane
August 14- Richard
August 22- Cory (although I’m not sure about that cusp action)

Fun facts:
By far the most generous of the zodiac, Leos make loyal and giving friends. They'll go out of their way to help even when it conflicts with their own schedules. The Leo is a strong, confident personality who has the ability to make almost everyone comfortable. Unassuming and gracious, they love to host parties and events. The Leo is rarely found alone - interacting is second nature. Close friends are chosen for their ability to keep up with the Leo's energy along with a strong sense of dignity and a commitment to individual values. When family is involved, the mighty Lion will do whatever it takes to defend loved ones. Loyalty for the Leo is for a lifetime. They pride themselves on being there for family through thick and thin.
Warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity
Stubbornness, inflexibility, self-centeredness, laziness
Best environment
In the sun!

Do I believe in all that? Probably not. But I see no reason to disagree with it. Happy birthday, Leos!


Shannon said...

The Lions have too many holes on both sides of the ball this year to compete. A rookie RB, an old QB, a porous O-line, and a bunch of nobodies on defense - they will suffer from the loss of Shawn Rogers.

A guy I work with is offering me tickets to the Thanksgiving day game against the Titans this year. Tempting!

Beverly said...

My son Brian's birthday is the 15th, along with his brother.
I lurk on your blog because I enjoy the photo's and your fun with your children.

Tiffany said...

Yay! I love Birthday Season! I'll toast you from Wisconsin. We need to plan a get together.

Melissa said...

Ahem. That cusp we just got over? The 22nd? Only the most spectacular day to be born ever. Just ask Alex Trebek.