Friday, June 27, 2008

The Week in Review

First let me say- Jay, we're thinking about you.

Happy Birthday, Connor and Mr. Baby!

On Connor’s birthday, I took him to see Surf’s Up, and experienced a wonderful group parenting moment. There’s a scene in the movie where a character says “Oh crap!” This was followed by a sharp intake of breath from all the surprised parents in the crowd, although it was muted in a way that let you know we were all trying to keep our kids in the dark about the impact this word can have on an adult. But of course, the 2.5 year-old sitting behind us immediately hollers “OH CRAP!” This was followed by a collective stifled giggle from all the parents in the crowd. We tried to respect those parents enough to not let their kid get a noticeable positive reaction, even as we celebrated the fact that it was their kid and not ours. It was fantastic- we all really pulled together as a team on that one.

This week I ordered a bunch of these pens from our office supply place, and now I’m fighting the urge to commit some white collar crime and stick them all in my purse. For all you stationery/office supply lovers out there, this pen is the way to go. I wish I had gotten them in time for inclusion in this post.

I went to the TJ Maxx in Eastgate and got the other pair of Born shoes that I wanted. Now I have them in black and brown! I’m all set! All set to sit around in my sensible shoes sending properly punctuated IMs, that is. Man I’m old.

Speaking of aging, and my attempts to defy it- E, I use two types of Clinique lotion on my face in the mornings (just one kind at night, though), Jergens or something similar on my whole body, and then shea butter cream on my elbows and heels. Any brand will do.

I know how many people are looking at this blog every day, and let me just say- you people are definitely not clicking on the Google Ads (over there on the right side of the blog) as you leave. I have to put my kids through college someday, people! Help me out!

I can’t let the whole week go by without sharing the latest evidence of Chloe’s prodigious comedic talent. She knows it gets a laugh when she calls Mom or Dad by their given names. Then this week she learned that saying, “What’s up, dudes!” gets a big laugh as well. So it should come as no surprise that yesterday she climbed into her dad’s lap and said, “What’s up, Chip!” then paused for the laugh before continuing the conversation.

Good luck to my friends, both real and imaginary, who are moving on to new careers next week. I'm so proud of you, and I know you’ll be great!


Memphisotan said...

I always click your ads so you can afford the groceries I'll eat when I sneak over to your house to pump when I start my new job.

cjaxon said...

Does it sound like Chip? I know when Katie started saying "Chip" it just came out as that other word for crap! Or maybe she wasn't saying Chip??? hmmm