Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween, everyone!

First, the costumes. These are incredibly innovative and different, check it out. Connor will be the Red Power Ranger:

Chloe is a pink princess (and yes, you've all seen this tutu and feather boa before):

The carving of the Chockley pumpkin. Note how much Chloe is helping:

The finished product (Diego's mug for those cartoon-challenged adults out there):

Tonight we will actually trick-or-treat, which will technically be the third (and final) time this week that my children have put these now-raggedy-costumes on, losing their dignity one last time for for a few bite-sized Butterfingers and Bit-O-Honeys.


Unknown said...

What?!? People are GIVING AWAY CANDY??!!??......I can wear that...

Stephanie said...

How did I manage to both photograph the pumpkin carving and actually do all of the pumpkin carving? You three are lucky to have me.

Cory said...

Whoa! Nice job with the pumpkin. getcandygetcandygetcandygetcandy

Stacey Greenberg said...

i hoping for some candy corn! (or is it kandy korn?)