Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Off My Chest

Dear Diary,

I just haven't been myself for the last week or so, and for that I apologize. While I was having fun each night celebrating Birthday Week, each day I was struggling at work. I think I'm sort of caught up now, though, so maybe my days and nights will be more balanced.

Other things have happened this week that are much more fun than work. I turned 34. So did Tiff! Mark stayed in his twenties, Mom turned, um, older, and RJA turned 37. (Happy Birthday!)

Connor decided he was able to swim underwater- just put his face under and started flailing. Successfully. Well done! He also went down the huge water slide at the JCC. Chip came over and said, "Your son has something to tell you!" So I went over to him and caught the end of, "S, hey S! I just went down the waterslide! It was so cool!" Sigh. Later on Miss S informed me that Connor had showed her how to swim. I am soooo out of the loop.

Chloe now says "Eye!" and "No(se)!" and is obsessed with Mr. Baby in ways even my considerable maternal instincts can't comprehend. She's just as much of a daredevil in the water as her brother is. Remind me to tell them, before our next visit to a pool, that neither of them can actually swim.

I hope your week has been as good as mine. Or, regarding work, has been MUCH better than mine. I'll be in touch.



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Cathy said...

Sorry that you've been struggling at work. I hope it's getting better!