Thursday, August 02, 2007


On the momentous occasion of our 200th post, I will extol the virtues of our humble blog.

Originally, it was just a way to keep out-of-town family up to date on pics and milestones of Connor. Though it still serves that purpose (and the same for Chloe now), it's expanded to be all sorts of other things to us. At times, it's a soapbox, or a sounding board when either of us is too tired to listen to the other's rantings in person. It's been a way for Steph and I (ok, more Steph than I) to compose our thoughts about parenting and other issues that plague middle-class thirty-somethings. It's a way for Steph to humor herself, which she loves to do. (She's pretty good at it-- I often hear her laughing inexplicably to herself in the next room.) It's also an outlet for me to inflict my new love of photography upon all of you. (For all of the bad pictures I've inflicted upon all of you before I actually started learning about photography, sorry.)

Best of all, it improves our feeling of connectedness-- to our out-of-town family and friends, to our in-town friends, and to some folks we don't see often at all. The social phenomenon of blogging is remarkable to me-- we've made lots of new friends who instantly seemed like old friends because we keep up with their blogs, and they read ours. We also feel closer to old friends--even when we don't see them as often-- since we can pick right up when we do hang out in person.

Of course, I have to credit Stacey with motivating our little community-- berating us to BLOG MORE and especially to write about it when we dine with our monkeys.

So anyway, thanks for reading everyone. Hope we can entertain you, and more importantly, ourselves, enough to churn out another 200 posts.


Unknown said...

But there are two of you, so isn't this a celebration of 100 posts each, which seems kind of lame?

Stacey Greenberg said...

aw, thanks.

i'm actually starting to wonder if i somehow insulted my dwm guest bloggers since no one has guest blogged in, oh, months now.

Memphisotan said...

Hey! There's nothing lame about celebrating 100 posts.

Congrats, Chockleyblogs!