Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stir Crazy II

We made it through that long, constantly-rainy-three-day-weekend alive. These things helped us pass the time:

LOTS of watching these guys on the tube: (hey, it's educational as all gitout!)

And bestbud Max's birthday party:

And lots of pointless photography around the house:

Oh, and also, we took the monkeys to TGI Friday's-- see our review of it here.


Unknown said...

That's what I enjoy about this blog, the fact that a picture of your daughter is labeled "pointless."

Chip said...

You know, you are entirely correct-- Dad's incessant playing with his new camera around the house=pointless (you should see all the pictures I don't put on the blog)-- decent picture of beautiful wife and daughter=not pointless. Priceless, even.

Stephanie said...

What I enjoy about this blog is the increasing number of pictures of fictional characters (which are NEVER labeled pointless).

P.S. Austin is totally my fave Backyardigan.