Sunday, January 21, 2007

Like a Horse

Chloe's appetite is really something to behold. Although Connor was a better eater as a baby than he is now, he at no time approached food with the delight or intensity that his sister does. Here's a sampling of the culinary delights had by Chloe this weekend, in addition to formula and jarred baby food:

cous cous
blueberry yogurt
apple yogurt
baked apples
steamed baby carrots
baked peaches
Winnie the Pooh shaped pasta with cheddar cheese filling
wheat thins
many bananas
biter biscuits
Sister Schubert's rolls
banana cookies

Connor's weekend can be summed up with a shorter list:

chicken nuggets
french fries
peaches (in light syrup)
chocolate milk
cheese crackers
pepperoni (not on a pizza, just pepperoni)
lather, rinse, repeat

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Chloe's diaper must have been impressive. Where was Chip with the camera?